Five Projects that Look Better with Landscape Lighting

Photo courtesy of Belgard ©2017

Landscape lighting might not seem like a project necessity, but when you think of the time customers spend in outdoor living spaces and the potential aesthetic impact, it's a logical addition to hardscape projects.  Outdoor lighting also provides the added benefit of enhanced safety and security.  Check out the top five projects enhanced with landscape lighting below for ways to boost results and customer satisfaction with your next project.

Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the most common hardscape projects, these spaces can include natural stone and paver patios to extend living areas beyond walls and doors. Pathlights and step lights may be used to safely reach the patio from a building's egress. Patio lights and deck lights provide just the right amount of light to maximize the outdoor living space and enhance the visual appearance.

Driveway Designs

Especially useful for colored concrete that's not as high-contrast as the standard gray/white, driveway lights help delineate the end of the driveway and also the edge between paved and unpaved surfaces.  Depending on the application, a combination of flood lights and accent lights can be used to illuminate architectural features such as mailboxes and monument style address markers. 

Pergolas and Gazebos

Though these structures are predominantly used for shade in the daylight, by adding illumination using patio lights, ledge lights, and down lights, pergolas and gazebos become more appealing for evening dining and socializing.

Planters and Retaining Walls

The perfect place to add drama to your customers' lighting design, up lights or flood lights on wall surfaces can be used to emphasize unique wood or stone textures. To help balance the design, downlights can also be used to add a glow to tree canopies similar to the effect of moonlight.

Entryways/Front Porch

Use path lights or step lights to guide the traffic pattern to the front door of a home or business for entry.  In addition to safety and security, entryway lights add curb appeal and contribute to higher homeowner satisfaction.   

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